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The First MIT Baker House Piano Drop, November 1972

Each spring, the denizens of Baker House drop an old, irreparable piano off the roof to let it plunge 
six stories onto the ground, to celebrate Drop Date, the last date one can drop classes at MIT. 
The resulting noise has spawned a unit of sound volume, known as the Bruno.

"... the Baker House Piano Drop is actually a combination of dorm spirit, harmless destructiveness, 
and the willingness to do something difficult just for the sake of doing it..."

Tim Hecker - The piano drop

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Mikael Simpson - Slaar Skaar

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Adriano Celentano - Non so più cosa fare

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Normal Rockwell made the painting “The Connoisseur” in 1962, remixing a Pollock to express the 
impenetrable membrane between Modern Art (specifically Abstract Expressionism) and his “low” illustrations.


Anonymous Asked

Why people go backwards?
It’s relative. To them, you appear to be going backwards.

Who are you
Who are you

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